Three hours leave to marry

John M ‘Master Findlay lived at Dock Street, Glasgow, and by 1942 in the middle of WW2, had been fifteen years in the merchant navy. In August of that year, he set what was surely a record for Scotland by creating something of record in carrying out the arrangements for his marriage.

The inside of St Joseph's Church

The inside of St Joseph’s Church

When his ship arrived unexpectedly at Glasgow, he paid a hurried visit to the home of his fiancee, Miss Lilias Morris, at 18 Thornhill Avenue, Blantyre. She agreed with his urgent request to get married at the earliest possible moment, and the Rev. W. Sibbald came to the aid of the young couple and read the proclamation wedding banns there and then, from the steps of nearby Livingstone Church. John hurried back to his ship in Glasgow, and was granted three hours’ leave to get married the next morning in St Joseph’s R.C. Church, Blantyre. After the ceremony he rushed back to his ship on duty.

The captain, on hearing of the wedding, gave him leave from that afternoon until next morning. He returned once again to Blantyre accompanied by shipmates, and with friends of the bride, who was taken by surprise. They enjoyed a few happy hours celebration that evening in the home of the bride’s mother.

Source: The Sunday Post 23rd August 1942


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