Hunthill Road pictured about 1915

1915 Hunthill roadA rarely seen photograph of Hunthill Road taken between 1910 – 1920.

A girl stands at the side of the road, with the pavement only on one West side. The small weavers cottages are on the right (some of which still exist today). Long before tarmacadam road, a dog stands on a traffic free dirt track, which is now Hunthill Road.  A pile of collected manure sits at the edge of the road, perhaps after a clean up, or maybe a delivery?

The Tenement Buildings on the left are now all gone replaced by “modern” 1970’s  detached homes. Of interest in the distance are the large elevated signal posts which were on the railway embankment at a busy junction the branched off towards High Blantyre Station and the other track to East Kilbride. The railway bridge spanning Hunthill road, although not in this picture, would have been at that location too.

How different the same scene looks today.

2014 hunthill road

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  1. My Grandma was born here in 1914. It’s so wonderful to see the street as it would have been. Thank you for posting this.

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