1931 Auchentibber Day Out

1931 Auchentibber day outI’m a little lost with this photo. The date on the back is 1931, very faintly i think. Also scribbled on the back of this family photo is the word “Auchintibber” so it is Blantyre related. The only person i recognise though is my mum’s great aunt on the right. No men? Women and children on a picnic? Maybe Sunday School or women’s guild?

Ina Sanders told me on Facebook “my aunt in the picture 1931 auchentibber day out…Margaret Mullholland, her hands are crossed black hat on.

This is the thing with future generations picking up old photos with interest. The detail, the dates, the people are lost UNLESS you take a few seconds to write on the back or against them in an album. Personally, if a photo exists, i feel you owe it to your descendants to tell them who you are and what you are doing. A five second scribble will save a lifetime of guessing and investigating!

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  1. my aunt in this picture magaret mullholland front row hands crossed

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