1927 The Big Calder Picnic

1927 calder picnicThis family photo dates from 1927.

The only person I recognise is my Gran Duncan (Mary Danskin at that time) in the back row, next to the tall chap. I don’t see any of the rest of our family, so i think it probably was a Sunday School trip, given the amount of kids! There’s a lot of “acting up for the camera” going on. Some of the people have swapped bonnets and caps, even between men and women. Faintly scribbled on the reverse is “the big Calder picnic”.

I’m not 100% sure of the location, but if it is the Calder, then the ridge at the top, may be Hunthill Road or Bardykes. It’s a tall order to ask to recognise anybody in this picture being so old, but i would love to know more.


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