1938 Bride to Be Disappears

IMG_1852Very often, people following this website are very generous and hand in something old for me to look at, or even add to my growing collection of Blantyre documents. An old newspaper was recently one of those items, given to me by Blantyre man Jim Brown. It’s an issue of “The Evening Time” dated 15th July 1938 and the front page features a mysterious story about a missing bride. Here it is reprinted in full below:

Bride to Be Disappears, leaves no reason or clue

On the even of her wedding a Blantyre girl has mysteriously disappeared, leaving no explanation for her family or her intended bridegroom. Despite intensive inquiries, no trace of the missing bride to be has been found, and the wedding has been cancelled. The affair has caused a sensation in the Blantyre district.

The principles in this remarkable affair are Miss Jean Russell, Overton Road, Halfway Cambuslang and Mr William Logan, (28), 451 Glasgow Road, Blantyre.

Miss Russell was employed in a ropeworks at Rutherglen and Mr Logan works for his father who is a contractor at a local colliery. The couple had been keeping company for some time and all the arrangements had been made for their wedding. They had secured a home in a new housing estate at Priory Park, Blantyre and a hall had been taken at Halfway and arrangements made for a large number of guests.

On Wednesday night, Miss Russell had been at the home of her intended husbands father and saw her intended husband before he set off for his night shift. Their wedding presents were then moved to their new home the same evening and Miss Russell went there to put the place in order for them returning from their reception.

She returned to the Logan’s home and was in the best of spirits when she later left for her own parents home at 10.30pm. The first indication that the bridegroom had of anything amiss was a 9 o clock the next morning, when Mr Russell, the girl’s father arrived at the Logan’s home to make inquiries about his daughter who had not returned home all night. Mr Russell and his wife naturally thought that being busy preparing her new home, she had stayed all night at Blantyre with the Logan family. Mr Russell received a shock when he was told that his daughter had left to go home at 10.30 the evening before.

Inquiries were made all day by both families but no trace of the girl could be found. There was nothing else for it but to cancel all the marriage arrangements. The mysterious disappearance of the girl has caused a sensation in Blantyre and Halfway and a sympathy has been extended to young Mr Logan. No reason whatever is known for the sudden and unaccountable disappearance of Miss Russell.

Of course, i couldn’t just end the article at that and had to look into what happened next. However, i am at a complete loss. There are no tales of foul play, no newspaper stories of her being found, either alive or dead. The mystery remains for me. As such, i’d like to post this here , that if anybody knows what happened to Miss Russell, to please get in touch. I do hope this pre-WW2 story ended well.

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