1960’s Blantyre Tablet Recipe

1960s tablet blantyreMy grandmother’s (Mary Danskin) recipe for Blantyre tablet, saved from her 1960s recipe book.

Tablet, Ingredients – 5 teacups sugar or 2 lbs. Half pint milk. Butter 2-3oz, small tin condensed milk. Method – Melt sugar milk and butter in pan. Bring to boil and boil for 10 minutes. Take off heat. Add condensed milk stirring all the time. Put back on stove and stir until it comes to the boil (again). Boil (simmer) for further 20 minutes. Beat until thick. (Last part overleaf) – Spoon into small tray and smooth out. Leave out to set for couple of hours (not refrigerated). Who will be the first to try out this long forgotten Blantyre recipe then?!! Enjoy!

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Maureen Dransfield Fabulous. I still make tablet now. The only difference is I put everything in the pot at the start and stir
Helen Henderson Mclaughlin Iv a few recipes from my mum written just like that
Michelle Evans it’s not changed in all these years.

1kg Caster Sugar
284 mls (10fl oz / half pint) whole milk (do not use semi or skimmed, must be full fat milk).
125g butter
1 x 397g tin of Condensed Milk
1 pinch of sea salt or sea salt flakes.

Step 1
Place the sugars and milk in a heavy bottomed pan over the gentlest possible heat. DO NOT STIR. Occasionally swirl the pan. Whilst the sugars are dissolving, line your tray with baking parchment paper, ensuring it’s completely in the corners

Step 2
Once the sugars are completely dissolved, add the butter and leave alone to melt.

Step 3
After the butter has melted, add the condensed milk and mix well. Increase the heat and stir continuously. Use a thermometer, and boil rapidly, whilst continuously stirring, until the mixture reaches the soft-ball stage (118-119c).

Step 4
Remove from the heat and allow the mixture to settle a little. Add the pinch of salt using an electric mixer, beat for a few minutes until the mixture feels like it’s close to setting, this takes a few minutes. If doing by hand, this takes around 10 minutes.

Step 5
Transfer to your prepared tray and spread evenly, filling all the edges and corners.

Step 6
Leave to set for a few hours, ideally overnight. Do not put into the fridge. You can score the tablet into desired portions after around 30 minutes.

Temperature information: (Step 3)
113-115c – Fudge
118-120c – Tablet
125c Toffee
Additional information:
If you wish to add flavourings (melted chocolate, nuts, vanilla, whiskey etc), do so at Step 4.
Steffi Thornton How lovely is it that its in her own hand writing, wee piece of love on paper that. Mines a little different I don’t add milk but always turns out perfect it’s a recipe that was passed down too, should really write them down and pass it on myself one day I guess xx
A charity recipe book fir Blantyre would be a nice idea. Im sure there are planty recipes although everyone will think theirs is the best

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  1. that’s the same recipe as my dads away back in the 40s, it could be the Dunsmuir’s or Danskins

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