Rosebank, Rosebank Avenue


Rosebank sat isolated in a street of its own in 1859

In the early 1800’s, sitting just outside the gated Low Blantyre Village on an L shaped road around an empty field, was Rosebank House (and still is there today).  It’s just off Station Road, on the Northern village side. This is a superior house built in stone and was named after Rosebank Estate in Cambuslang, a favourite place of David Dale, one of the nearby mill owners. The house is by far the oldest house in Rosebank Avenue and was later accompanied by another house in the mid 1850s next to it called ‘Homeston’.

In 1859, a Mr Slater owned the house, which was then passed in quick succession to various other owners. On 9th November 1969, Ellen Shaw was born in the house. Later in 1874 George Alexander was born in the home on June 10th. During the 1860’s and 70’s the house saw various owners. This was due to the proximity to the railway, which was then a very dirty, coal dust covered track. Coal had just been discovered and railways were a good way of shipping it out the town. The steam locomotives were noisy and frequent and Rosebank would not have been the idyllic place it was first set out to be. On the 1859 map shown the house was originally one large dwelling. However, in modern times, it became split into two and is now semi detached.


Rosebank House as it is today

Thankfully, in later years as trains became electric, proximity to the railway vastly improved with quiet trains by comparison to the 1860s. I like to think of Rosebank now being returned to a most desirable place to stay. It’s an old, beautiful house and with so many owners, must have seen a lot of stories over the years.

Today, Rosebank Avenue is the site of many nice properties.

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  1. I believe my grandfather was born in this house.
    George Craig.

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