Gilmours of Glasgow Road

gilmoursPictured here in 1919 is Andrew Gilmours shop, Glasgow Road.

The shop was on Glasgow Road almost opposite the end of Merry’s Rows. From the left is Elizabeth Neil, Lizzie Jamieson, Agnes Dunsmore, Tam Naismith (Manager), Mary Shanks and Agnes Kirkland. The photo belongs to Gordon Dunsmuir and is reprinted here with his permission. The names follow from his mother’s recollection.

Andrew Gilmour’s shop was a grocers that catered for almost your every shopping need. The large shop front made it a prominent retail outlet along Glasgow Road. There was also a drapers in the same building towards the east. To the side of Gilmour’s building was a rough track that led down to Bairds Rows (the miners houses). During the 1960’s , people may recall this building more for the Victoria Cafe (Angie’s Ice cream shop) and Richardson’s butchers shop.”

Richardsons butchers shop was not in Gilmours Buildings, but was located at the corner of Forrest Street on Glasgow Road, with the Livingstonian Bar on the opposite corner of Forrest Street Entrance. Pictured below in the earlier 1910’s era, you can see Andrew’s old grocer shop just as a passing tram enters the scene.


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