Opening HIgh Blantyre Parish Church

1863churchBlantyre Old Parish Church replaced the previous stone church at Kirkton and was opened on Sunday 19th July 1863. According to the Hamilton Advertiser edition 11th July 1863:

“The Seats in this (new) Church were on Thursday 2nd July allocated to the heritors and subscribers. The church and stone spire have been erected by subscription a voluntary assess on the heritors and is seated to contain 800. About 40 wooden pews have been set apart for the families of the heritors and subscribers and the remaining 60 pews, or 500 sittings, although apportioned amongst the same parties as owners, will be for the use of their tenants and fuears, as well as for the other parishioners.

The Church has been built from designs by Messrs Clark and Bell, architects, Glasgow, at a cost of £2,500 and is considered to be the most handsome and commodious Parish Church in the County. The contractors – Messrs Summers, Hamilton and John Calderwood, East Kilbride, have executed their contracts in a very superior manner and have given great satisfaction to the building committee. The Church is to be opened on the Sabbath, by Professor Caird of Glasgow at 12 o’clock noon.”

The Church Bell was presented to the Heritors of Blantyre Parish in 1863, by Mr. and Mrs. J.G Leadbetter of Leadbetter & Co. Founders, Glasgow. The bell fell into disrepair in recent years and was unsafe to ring. However, after a splendid fundraising campaign in 2013, the bell, (as well as the steeple) was renovated and rung out again on the morning of Sunday 22nd September 2013, the first time in approximately 9 years.

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