Gored at Sydes Brae, Blantyre

IMG_0028On Wednesday 26th July 1820 a fearsome accident took place in a field at Blantyre Park, Sydes Brae.  Mr Robert Millar, the farmer, entered the field where his cattle were grazing and was suddenly charged at by his own bull.  After tossing him some considerable height, the bull pointed its horns downwards and gored Mr Millar through the stomach.

The bull continued to gore him for some time. Mr Millar called continually for help. The bull continued its sustained attack with ferocity until some haymakers in an adjacent field came with help. Mr Millar had his shoulder dislocated and various major injuries to his abdomen. The report mentioned Mr Millar was laying gravely ill but does not go on to say if he recovered.

This is a timeless accident, i.e. it could happen to anybody at anytime, even today. We should continue to be very respectful of animals in their habitat when out walking for recreation.

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