Greenhall gets some attention

The area of Greenhall in recent decades has sadly been in neglect. Despite probably being amongst the most beautiful area for walking in Blantyre, fly tipping and vandalism over the years had started to make the area suffer in a downwardly spiral. However, if only to record this for future readers, i’m pleased to report the council have started to spend some money and give the area the attention it rightly deserves. Greenhall over the last 8 weeks is looking much more noticeably improved. Care and attention has been given to fixing stone walls and railings. Pot holes filled in, tracks edged and even the kerbstones painted white again, just like they were in the 1970s. Nice to see care been given , but i am not sure of the pink pillars. It seems a shame to have painted over the actual stonework. Minor comment, but much better! See for yourself in our gallery below.

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