Blantyre Public Park

Sadly the light has got to these family photos a little, but they give a wonderful insight into Blantyre Public Park and David Livingstone Centre. The holiday is when my father Joe Veverka came over to Scotland in Summer 1969 (so this is 6 months before they got married!). In this set of photos, Joe and Janet are in Low Blantyre Public Park, playing pitch and putt, having fun on the swings and around Station Road, and then later dressed up ready to go out at Blantyre David Livingstone Centre. Great to see mum and dad, so young, so slim, having fun and so in love. I laughed out loud to see dad’s cigarettes and camera case in the foreground of one of the photos. I keep forgetting he smoked in the 60s and 70s.  I’m thrilled these old slides could be rescued. They give a wonderful insight into how beautiful and kept the park was, with it’s tended flowers, boating bond, trellis fences and ivy. It’s a reminder too, how stylish my parents were as a couple! Joe would have been 22 years old, Janet only 21. Who can remember the park so manicured?

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