Children of the Village Prefabs

The Village PeopleA great photo from Elizabeth Cardoo (Anderson).

Pictured are a well behaved group of children down at The Village Prefabs. Elizabeth told us she is at the bottom left corner. In the photograph are also kids from Anderson, Dolan, Devine,Payne,Finlay,Greenhorn families. Elizabeth went on to tell us, “there were so many kids in that street it was unbelievable. Anderson had 5, next door to us Devines probably 6-8, Dolans 10+, other families were in the region of 2-6. We lived in the bottom row, 5 buildings (semidetached) two houses to each building. The street was a U shape, there were three rows, and we were classified as the to-rags! The middle row seemed to be a wee bit above us, and the top row was where the toff (well according to us in the bottom) lived. I was born there in 1947 have no idea when they were built, and we left approx. 1955 and moved into the new houses in Livingston Crescent, Coasthill Scheme.”

Do you have an old photo you would like put into the Blantyre Project archives for future generations? Perhaps an old tale or want to show us something from Blantyre’s past? Why not get in contact with us. Thanks.

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  1. children of the prefabs. my mum Bridget markey is in middle row second from the left.

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