Duncans of Blantyre 1905

greatgrandparentsThis excellent quality photograph is from 1905. It’s incredible to think the photo is now over 108 years old as it’s still is such amazing preserved condition. Why is so looked after? Well….it’s my own family. Pictured are the Duncan’s of Blantyre photographed in clearly their Sunday best. In the middle is my great, great grandfather and grandmother John and Christina Reid. On the far right is my great grandfather also John Duncan. My grandpa, another John Duncan wasn’t even born yet for a few more years.

Pictured also are Christina, Agnes and Elizabeth Duncan, along with their brothers William, James, Thomas and Malcom. You may not be too interested in the people, but it’s the clothes and poses that are fascinating. For me though, this photo represents an important picture of family back then and it’s clear they that they looked fortunate enough to be well dressed and to afford such photos. If anybody in Blantyre names Duncan is reading this, there is a strong chance given so many people in this family back then, that YOU may be related to me. I don’t mind sharing the family tree for you to find out.


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  1. @scott hutton. My granddad billy was the one that owned the scrapyard in springwell with his brothers. Who is your fiance?

  2. Hi, I’m from Blantyre but not a Duncan however I am getting married to John Duncan’s granddaughter. He ran the scrapyard in Springwell with his 2 other brothers, James & Peter Do you think these are the same Duncan’s?

    1. Hi Scott – The Duncans of this current generation are all accounted for in my line and i dont think your fiance would be related to the people in the picture. However, if we go a generation back from the picture, the Duncan’s split into many branches and there could be a strong possibility, (especially as they have Blantyre roots) that there may be a link. Who knows, we could end up being related?!

    2. If you can give me a little more information such as your fiance’s name, her father and grandfathers name and ideally if they always stayed in Blantyre, i can check a little more.

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