1930’s life at Broompark

broompark1930sThis photo likely dates from the 1930s. The houses on the right remain largely the same, still with the same slate roofs although the fences, doors and windows have long since been replaced! The large trees and tenement house on the right of the road has vanished a long time ago but some of the houses on the left remain today. Our family used to live not only at Greenburn Cottage on the left hand side, but also at Danskins shop immediately next door. Situated on the cross at Stonefield Crescent / Broompark Road. The tenement on the right hand side, now no longer there was called “Warnock’s Laun”. I see the old gas lights in the background and kids, enjoying the summer months playing, wearing shorts and carrying shawls. The view is taken looking up Broompark road from the cross at Stonefield Road and Crescent. What i was surprised at is the lack of wires, telegraph or electricity poles which always dominated similar pictures. High Blantyre must have looked quite modern in those days compared to the overhead wires of Glasgow Road. Interesting to see a snapshot in history so close to where we were brought up.

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