Greenhall Fondly Remembered

I’ve realised how fond I am of Greenhall,
With its majestic old trees, proud and tall,
A timeless place of beauty and wonder,
With chestnut trees in October to plunder.

I’m filled with nostalgia as I remember the days,
As a child playing there, on the grass I’d laze.
Or pestering parents for the pitch n putt,
Collecting clubs from the wee wooden hut.

The unkept toilets next to the shop,
Wi its creaky door held up by a prop
That shop was special and sold ice cream
Ginger beer in bottles, we were living the dream.

The nature trails were a welcome addition
Shame that the railings fell out of condition,
The bunkers were added filled with soft sand,
On the sloping green grass, wide open land.

The tree lined avenue, white kerbside stones gleaming
Squirrels, birds, foxes the wildlife was teaming
Now those stones are dirt covered, ill fitting
The woodland only teaming with refuse fly tipping.

Wooden steps to the river, some small, some bold
Led to the viaduct, a sight to behold.
I remember roundabouts, witches hat and swings
Cycling the park like racing champ kings.

And let’s not forget winter, snow up to hedges,
The excellent slope made just for our sledges.
Childhood fun , can you tell I was keen?
Ps I sledged on that spot well into my teens!

It’s a dog walkers dream, safe and serene,
Dogs love the space, grassy and green.
I walk till I’m tired or until it gets dark,
That’s how much I love that wee park!

Paul Veverka, 2012

1965janetwithfriendsSo, appropriately, a photo from 1965. Janet Duncan (my mother) is pictured on the right hand side around 17 years old. Also photographed is Margaret Lyon in the middle, but  Nan Groves (mum’s cousin). Although there’s no location noted on the back, incredibly i do recognise the background. I take my dog walking there most days. It’s Greenhall Park at the top of Blantyre! Sure the trees are a lot smaller, but i recognise the view as my own dog runs for this lone tree as soon as he gets into the park! Looks like this was a Summer walk down the calder and up to Greenhall. Wonder who took the photo?


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  1. Hi Margaret. Nice to see somebody commenting whos in the photo! I know mum was very fond of all her friends, yourself included. She had quite a few photos of you out all together. (I’ll look them out). I think the photograph may have been taken by Lillias or Maria.

  2. Margaret Kilzer (Lyon)

    I have fond memories of many days like that. But I can’t remember who took the photo. I’m Margaret

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