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The Alhambra Theatre, Larkfield

Long before John Carrigan’s Pub at Broompark Road, or it’s former life as Finbars, Manhatten, Eddie Collins Bakery, Ingrams Bakery or even older, Lawson’s Bakery, the site at Larkfield was home to The Alhambra Theatre. The building is not featured on 1859 maps, so must have been constructed in the 1860s or 1870s and had […]

Lawson’s Bakery, Larkfield

Larkfield is the area in Blantyre immediately adjacent to Hunthill, Barnhill and Stonefield. It centres around the current bing, the previous site of a colliery and encompasses much of the Scottish Special Housing estate and Watson Street. However, on old maps, the actual Lark field was the one where High Blantyre Primary School is built. […]