The Alhambra Theatre, Larkfield

1886 Alhambra Theatre Programme, Larkfield

1886 Alhambra Theatre Programme, Larkfield

Long before John Carrigan’s Pub at Broompark Road, or it’s former life as Finbars, Manhatten, Eddie Collins Bakery, Ingrams Bakery or even older, Lawson’s Bakery, the site at Larkfield was home to The Alhambra Theatre.

The building is not featured on 1859 maps, so must have been constructed in the 1860s or 1870s and had a relatively short life as a theatre. Owned by Mr John Taylor, it is written by others that the Alhambra closed sometime in the 1890’s, but I have determined from this farewell performance programme and the date of Monday 13th December, that this in particular relates only to the year 1886. The Theatre’s address is noted as “Mr Elder’s Park, Larkfield”. The price of admission was 1 shilling 6d for boxes, balcony seats were 9d and the lowly stalls, 3d. For that, you got to see TWO plays that evening, including Mr Vero somersaulting 12 times with his legs tied!

Following its closure in 1886 the building was then used as a boxing booth, until 1909 when Lawson’s Bakery took it over, converting and renovating it extensively.

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