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Jacob Naismith – Scottish Intermediate Boxing Champ

A Blantyre boy has been crowned Scottish Intermediate Boxing Champion! Straight into Blantyre’s ‘Ultimate Hall of Fame’ and a mention in the “Blantyre People” forthcoming book. Jacob Naismith (11) lives in Blantyre and trains and fights with O’Neils Amateur Boxing Club in Cambuslang. In an exciting match, Jacob who weighs 35.5 kg was fighting in […]

William Rae – Bloodless Surgeon b1841 – d1907

William Rae was a ‘bonesetter’ who lived in Blantyre for a time and quietly practised and treated the local people in relative obscurity. In 1904, the popular press became aware of his work, and after they printed stories of his skills and cures, Rae was flocked by patients from the surrounding regions hoping for miracles. […]