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SAC recruitment, 1901

Near the end of March 1901, two Blantyre men signed up to the South African Constabulary (a paramilitary force set up in 1900 under British Army control to police areas captured from the two independent Boer republics of  Transvaal and Orange Free State during the Second Boer War). Its first Inspector-General was Major-General Robert Baden-Powell, later the founder of the worldwide Scout Movement. After hostilities ended in 1902, the […]

Conversion to Christianity, 1901

A story next from a former minister of David Livingstone Memorial Church. On Sunday 1st December 1901, the Winter communion services were being held in Livingstone Memorial Church on Glasgow Road. With Rev Thomas A Hugh and the congregation that evening, was a special guest. Minister Rev Prentice who was ‘home’ in Blantyre after labouring […]

Personal Update

A few people have been asking how I am after last weeks operation. My final hospital visit was earlier today. Stent is now out, x ray showing everything successfully clear! 3 major ops in 14 months, but doctors have confirmed no further hospital appointments! No pain, no illness, no cardiac or urology issues. Kidneys and […]