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Welcome to Blantyre Project Television (Bptv) featuring high resolution presentations narrated, filmed and presented by Paul Veverka. Others produced with permission. I’ll be out and about again recommencing these “on the site- live histories” during the latter part of 2017. Enjoy!

Then amazingly, I have hundreds of hours of family, treasured footage to upload. All my father’s cine reels of us growing up in and around Blantyre and on holidays. Here’s a little taster of what I’m going to be uploaded in 2017/2018.

Many more historical Blantyre Video Presentations coming soon! The above Blantyre Project Videos are also available on Youtube. If you would like to use these for your organisation, business , club or school, please feel free to contact me.

Would you like to see something locally investigated in Blantyre and put on to Video? Please contact me.