Dunn’s Laun, 1896

Little piece of forgotten history next. During the 1890’s, Mr. J Dunn owned 10 small, terraced houses in a single storey block at Larkfield.

It’s thought these opened directly out on to Broompark Road located on space which is presently between the current Watson Street and High Blantyre Primary School. These homes were known to be fairly old even at that time, appearing on the 1859 map of Blantyre looking out across the street to Ingram’s bakery, now the Carrigans site.

On Wednesday 5th August 1896, he sold the property including his small stable and yard behind it, at an auction in Glasgow for £450, some £25 above the upset asking price. Rental potential was £50 / annum. The Auctioneers were L.S Smellie & Sons.

The small homes, occupied by miners and located near Dixon’s Pit 4 appear to have been demolished in the 1920’s and now long forgotten.

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