Proudly Displaying Medals

A final local anecdote from 1898, some 125 years ago.

The commanding military officer of a Lanarkshire Yeomanry regiment was congratulating the troop on their appearance at a 2 day charitable event. Both temporary volunteers and the regular army stood side by side as the officer viewed the troop as a whole on the first day, taking time to proudly comment on the number of medals worn by some veterans in the ranks.

Private Harvey who had been attending as a volunteer went home that night in a thoughtful mood and the next morning, took up his position again in the final day of the military parade with a slightly “enhanced appearance”. On his tunic that second day were several medals.

At an interval, a member of the regular army got to talking to him and noticed the medals, querying them adding, “Have you been in the regulars then?” pointing to the medals.

Private Harvey replied, “No, I haven’t”
The army man spoke up again in surprise, “What about the medals then. Not in the army? They can’t surely be yours then?”
Private Harvey looked down at his chest, “Aye, they’re mine alright. Ma auld coo won them aw at the Lanark Cattle show.”

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