Blantyre Coat of Arms

With thanks to Rob Gordon for a great colour copy of the Blantyre Coat of Arms.

Heraldry like this can explain a lot about intent or reputation. Blantyre’s Coat of Arms is rather complicated with a LOT going on and being far from simple.

Prominently, overarching everything going on is the Latin motto ‘Sola Juvat Virtus’, which translated means ‘Virtue Alone Delights’, i.e displaying behaviour of high moral standards in itself should set you in good standing with others.

Now, I don’t know a great deal about heraldry but can put a few things together on what the rest means.

The shield of blue and white checks, struck through by a red band and a single rose is the motto of Lord Blantyre, the house of Stuarts, the red lion rampart “supporting” the title by holding it up. I.e the Scottish Crown’s ties to this dynasty, all on representation of land of thistles, i.e Scotland.

A crest with a dove holding an olive branch in its mouth is a symbol of peace, originated by early Christians and prominent to this design, immediately confirms this design is not of conquering, war mongering intent.

However, quite the most bizarre is the half naked man on the left! A savage or ‘wild man’, wreathed about the head and modesty protected by a laurel around his middle. He has a healthy physique and holds in his right hand, a baton or club. This could possibly depict the Greek God Hercules who represented strength. The Duke of Edinburgh’s crest for example contains similar imagery and is known to be Hercules.

Unravelling this complex image, can reveal what Lord Blantyre’s intentions were when it came to how he wanted to be seen by others.

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