Calder Street School Demolition

These photos will bring back lot of memories for many Blantyre folk. This is of course the former Calder Street School. Pictured in 2010, just before demolition, there were some items saved from the school when it was demolished. The old school bell itself now sits in the reception area of the new Auchinraith Primary School, almost on the same spot it originally was. Two of four sandstone blocks which once read “Blantyre Parish School Board” on the outside of Calder Street school were carefully salvaged and now form playground benches directly across from the police station. 

What’s your memories of the teachers and lessons at this school? What years were YOU there?


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  1. Happy memories of Calder street.i attended from 1969/72 Mr Sargent art teacher was a kind gifted and amazing man even today 51 years after leaving school I still have fond memories of this wonderful man.

  2. Duncan’s post made me think of teacher’s names in my era. Maybe folks could help my memory?
    There was “Lulu” the music teacher…don’t recall her real name. She was followed by Ann Cameron.
    “Wee Jeannie” was the French Teacher…again don’t remember real name.
    There was Mr.McMillan I think was the large geography teacher.
    Mr.Bradford, “Wee Brick” who taught ??? but he was next door to Wee Jeannie and had a prosthetic or bad hand always covered with a brown leather glove.
    Mr. Mathieson of all things, taught Math!
    “Skinny Lizzie” was the science teacher…no real name in my failing memory.
    There was a Miss Dickson whom it was fancied had “a thing” going with Wee Brick! I think she taught algebra?
    Mathieson also served as the football coach. No friend of mine. Skelfs in my erse from sitting on the bench….LOL!
    I can see other faces to which my memory will not allow names.
    “The Budgie” was the headmaster because he whistled his esses. No name but I see him.
    Anyone help with names?
    Duncan….noted you are “heading home”. Can you say from where? You have great love story!

  3. At age 11 1/2, I met Morris Buchanan who came from High Blantyre Primary (myself from Auchinraith) and we have maintained our friendship for some 65 years even though the Atlantic Ocean has separated us for 44 of those years. Morris lives in East Kilbride. At age 14 he won the British Junior 10 Pin Bowling Championship in Streatham, London and presentation was by Frankie Vaughan, if anyone is old enough to remember him! Apparently he lived behind “The Green Door”?
    At least 4 of our class of 1962 emigrated. Ishbel MacKinlay married Don Wilkie, May Buchanan married Pat McGauley and they all moved to Canada. Nancy Beveridge moved to Australia and found her soulmate there becoming Mrs.Siskinson. I moved to USA. I wonder if any others made their lives elsewhere?
    Margaret McCue, Irene Young, May Paterson, Alex MacGregor and Tom Wilson I believe stayed loyal to Blantyre (or close by).
    Please forgive name spelling errors and in some cases lack of married names.
    Around 2008(?) a few of us met at my Brother Hugh’s house on Farm road and included the 4 emigrants noted above along with May, Irene, Morris, Margaret and Tom. Alex was unable to make it.
    So, who is still around and where are you?

  4. I attended from 1948/49 to 1953. I remember a few teachers, Mr.Ferguson (science) on the first day he introduced himself and Fred, he kept on his shoulder under his jacket(strap).Willie Simons( Math) I remember him as he alway gave me good exam marks 80/90, while I don’t remember his name the woodworking teacher if he saw you miss use a tool would throw the chalk board cleaner at you. But the best thing about the school was the line that divided the play ground at twelve I met my future wife on that line, we married in 1957 and spent 52 happy years until her passing in 2009. In a few weeks I will head home for my sisters 90th Birthday in Londonderry and plan on a visit to Blantyre

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