Winnie Ewing d1929 – d2023

Winnie Ewing has passed away.

Pictured in this set of Blantyre photos in 1967, the well known politician died this week on 21st June 2023, aged 93. Winnie famously said at the time “stop the world, Scotland wants to get on”, a sentiment which resonated with voters.

Winifred Margaret Ewing (b1929) was a Scottish nationalist, lawyer and prominent Scottish National Party (SNP) politician who was a Member of Parliament (Hamilton 1967–70; Moray and Nairn 74–79), Member of the European Parliament (Highlands and Islands 1975–1999) and Member of the Scottish Parliament (Highlands and Islands 1999–2003). Her by-election victory in 1967 was significant in Scottish political history and helped shape a surge of support for the SNP which has generally grown decade on decade since. She was SNP President from 1987 to 2005, and quietly retired after then following an expansive 38 years in Politics.

Rest in Peace.

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