Bellsfield Pipe Band, 1899

In 1896, a few enthusiastic Blantyre pipers formed a band titled, “Livingstone Pipe Band”. Certain sums were raised through fundraising and instruments bought.

Desirous to become an official organisation, a more popular institution, the members after consulting with some sympathetic merchants, agreed to dissolve and immediately reform on a parochial basis.

Thus, the Bellsfield Pipe Band of Blantyre was born in Summer 1899.

By September 1899, the committee had secured eight pipes, side drums and a bass drum all of which were paid for outright with a handsome balance to their credit.

The members were also able to pay a first class tutor from their own resources. The balance of money belonging to the old band was transferred also to the new band.

I’ve only ever found reports of the Bellsfield Pipe Band for a few years afterwards, believing them to have disbanded by 1905, giving way to the popular other bands of Blantyre, like for example the silver and brass bands.

This little piece of forgotten history however, does deserve to be told here.

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