Amazon Pricing Structure

Amazon Book publishing service “KDP” are unfortunately putting up their printing costs on 20th June. Not by much, but it means I need to slightly increase the price tag of my 12 Blantyre books. Amazon announced books of under 108 pages are going up by just 35p. However, books of over 108 pages, (that’s all of Blantyre Project products) are increasing by a similar fixed amount PLUS a further marginal cost per page.

This is completely outwith my control. Getting Blantyre history out to folks is always my primary goal, so I’ve strictly only passed on their official print cost increase, not adjusting anything otherwise. I’ve also temporarily withdrawn my 13th book, ( a 2016 children’s Blantyre history colouring book) with intention of improving the product later this year.

Some of these changes are imminent, but meantime you can still buy my books in Livingstone’s Cafe for the old, lower prices whilst stocks last. As always, for the last decade, royalties from these book sales go entirely towards Blantyre good causes.

Thank you for your continued support. Further exciting new books are coming in second half of 2023!

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