The Storm Aftermath, 1900

Blantyre “battened down the hatches” on the evening of Thursday 20th December 1900. Just a few days before Christmas, a violent storm rolled in over Central Scotland, one of the worst the county could remember in living memory.

The terrible weather consisted of rain and more prominently, extremely high winds, with gale force destructive gusts. On the following morning, the damage was visible throughout the District.

Besides a large number of chimney cans (pots) and parts of roofs lying around in the streets, a large billboard hoarding belonging to Mr Young, the local billposter had blown down at Stonefield.

At Forrest Street, in Vics Castle Park football ground, the entire perimeter wooden fence had blown over, the panels removed from posts. Nearby at tenements, one gable had partially come down with rubble all over the pavement, thankfully nobody injured there.

In the Village, the suspension bridge was partly demolished, some cables giving way needing replacement. At Auchinraith the stalk of Number 1 Colliery chimney had been blown down.

In High Blantyre, the damage hadn’t been so serious, but some homes, including a public house had their plate glass windows blown in. The streets were plentiful with slates no doubt giving roof workers a great need for their services.

Photo for Illustration Only: Courtesy Blantyre Project AI Generated.

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