Social Function Season, 1900

The week before Christmas 1900 was a busy one for hiring out the Masonic Halls at High Blantyre’s Main Street and Stonefield. With many social functions on, the halls had been booked out by various organisations for their parties and dances. For some organisations, they’d only just formed.

On Wednesday 19th December,1900 the first concert by the Co-Operative Musical Association took place in the Masonic Hall at the corner of Forrest Street at Stonefield. Mr William Lamont, president of the society, presided. The hall was completely filled and Mr William Miller (previous conductor of Gilbertfield prize choir) conducted. Singers and entertainment was provided from local talent, namely soloist Miss Marshall, Miss Stodart, Mr D Peat and Mr Hutchison. Mr Nimmo gave 2 piccolo solos. Mr Halliday gave some humorous readings, finishing with two duets. Altogether a wonderful evening was had.

The next night, Thursday 20th December 1900, despite the stormy weather outside, the first annual dance of the Barnhill Quadrille club took place in the Masonic Hall, High Blantyre. There was good attendance and a capital night of enjoyment was had. Quadrille is a form of square dancing, popular in previous centuries. Despite the success of the party evening, the club may have been short lived as I found no other mention of it.

Finally, the following evening, Friday 21st December , the second annual dance of the Blantyre Bachelors took place in the Masonic Hall, High Blantyre. The hall looked very pretty, with plants being lent by Mr Campbell’s nursery at Auchinraith. Food was provided by Mrs Struthers next door. Music was provided by Mr Haddow’s string band.

How great it would be to go back in time, just one night to attend one of these functions. Simpler times.

Photo for illustration only: How this may have looked, Courtesy Blantyre Project AI Generated

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