Late Queen Victoria, 1901

Blantyre School Board met on the evening of Tuesday 12th February 1901 for their usual monthly meeting. However, in this particular instance, the opening of the meeting held something quite different, as they Board paused to remember the passing of the long reigning monarch, Queen Victoria.

The Queen has passed away a couple of weeks earlier and this was the first time the Board had met since. Dr William Grant, chairman of the Board presided over the meeting. Dr Grant said that like the rest of the nation, they were now mourning the loss of their sovereign, the late Queen Victoria and he suggested it would be only appropriate if they all bowed their heads and said a prayer. Rev Campbell was called upon to say some words.

At the close of the devotions, the Chairman paid an eloquent tribute to the many good qualities Victoria had as Queen, mother and woman during her long, beneficent reign. As to her son, King Edward who marked the future, he was sure he would be equally accomplished in his role. Chants of “God Save the King” and “Long live the King” rang out in the chamber.

I wonder what the Board would have made, if they knew that later in the 20th Century, as they sat around the table in the first year of it, that an even longer reigning monarch would later exceed Victoria’s reign!

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