1949 Low Blantyre School

Time for an auld school photo! This one is from 1949 and is Low Blantyre School. The teacher is Miss Barr. Robert Gordon told me, “Im fourth from the right on second back row! I can still recall many of the names.”

In the background is Victoria Place, (or more commonly known at the time as the Honeymoon). Between the buildings, you can just about see the Police Station at the junction of Calder Street. It may be a stretch for readers to recognise anybody, as these kids would now be in their late 70s, possibly almost 80.


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  1. William Mullen (Billy)

    I attended Low Blantyre School in1949 but I left in 1951 due to the death of my mother on Christmas Day 1950 and moved East to Leith in Edinburgh.I saw the 1949 photo and my family think that the second row next to the teacher could be me William Mullen always called Billy.
    Thanks for your help as it would be good to know some of my early years my address in Blantyre was 4 Rosendale Place.

  2. Linda Mackie-Marieskind

    Miss Barr was The loveliest teacher who taught us to knit…I was born the year this was taken, so don’t recognize anyone but lovely to see how I would have looked just 4 and a half years later!

  3. Brilliant pic Rob!
    Can you mark the names of the faces you know?
    I’m sure those still around Blantyre (and beyond) would appreciate that.
    Front row third from left looks familiar to me.

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