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A few people have been asking how I am after last weeks operation. My final hospital visit was earlier today. Stent is now out, x ray showing everything successfully clear! 3 major ops in 14 months, but doctors have confirmed no further hospital appointments! No pain, no illness, no cardiac or urology issues. Kidneys and heart functioning as it should be. I’m super pleased. Thats me done! First pain-free day since Sep 21.

I’m back home and doing very well. I feel repaired, fixed…. grateful.

Our amazing NHS is incredible. I’m SO thankful to consultants, surgeons, doctors and nurses who dealt with me these last 2 years. I consider myself lucky to have caught all this before a heart attack or any further deteriorated renal function. Off work for a few days just to heal a little more, but happier, healthier times are within sight. I’ll NEVER take health for granted ever again.

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  1. Pleased to hear you are back in good health and looking forward to a bright and interesting future. Just thought I would mention – 83 – and still hoping to read the history of Croftfoot. I do have one other item you may be interested in, it is a portrait of Rev William Reid, father of the lady of Croftfood, in 1867 he took on the Broomknoll Church and brought it back to life. Keep resting, Jan Jaclson

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