Floral Theme, 1954

I’m sure many readers will remember or be aware that the gardeners in Stonefield Public Park used to annually lay out a specific floral display on a grass slope near the pond. It was always a substantially sized bed featuring a theme for that particular year.

For example in 1952 the theme was the opening of the Livingstone Memorial Bridge. On coronation year, 1953 the flowers were planted as a huge crown.

Attached is the one for 1954, shared here by Robert Gordon. We were wondering what the theme was, and seeing the date the outline of ship and possibly a lion rampart, (so soon after the previous years Coronation), I’d wondered if this was Britannia, the queens ship, which launched around that time?

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  1. Linda Mackie-Marieskind

    I remember being fascinated by the display as a Child, and thinking how very clever people were to make this stunning array …

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