1984 Calderwood North Lodge

This snowy scene was photographed by Gordon Cook almost 40 years ago in 1984. Worth showing here as there’s an interesting piece of history attached to Calderwood North Lodge, located at Stoneymeadow Road.

This was the former Calderwood Castle lodge house and entranceway to visit the castle. At the time of the attached postcard from 1907, it would have been popular with Edwardian tourists walking past the lodge on up to the castle and as you can see was well kept.

The large entrance pillars were salvaged from Blantyre Works, when much of the village works were demolished in 1903, the stone pillars rebuilt in High Blantyre, perhaps by the Co-op who had newly acquired Calderwood Castle.

Reader, Agnes Cook once shared this wonderful photo. Pictured are her great grandparents Thomas and Helena Thomson and her granny, Margaret Wallace. The other person is unknown. This was taken around the same time as this postcard.

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