1960’s Stonefield Public Park

A big sorrowful sigh when I see this beautiful photo of Stonefield Park. The grand, isolation and focal point of the COWAN WILSON Arch, the well kept cut grass and beautiful flower beds. Even the wooden trellis, adorned with sweet peas is a sight to behold. The trees in this 1960’s photo are a LOT smaller than they are today, but it is the attention and care given to the flowerbeds which is most apparent when comparing to today.

I see yellow iris flowerbeds, colourful tulips on the right and beds of orange marigolds behind. Vibrant long lasting colours carefully chosen by park keepers for the enjoyment of the public. It must have been nice to walk though this park in summer months in those days. With thanks to Rob Gordon for his fantastic photo, a first shown here in its original unadjusted colour.

Some things DON’T improve with age. This is the scene today from the exact same vantage point, some 60 years later.

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