Milheugh Bridge, c1900

This postcard if of Millheugh Bridge, (spelling with a double L in this particular card). Shared to Blantyre Project recent from Gordon Cook, it was sent in November 1909 from E. H. S. of 1 Joanna Terrace, Blantyre, to Mrs Corson, who was staying at the Hotel Metropole in Las Palmas. E. H. S. was sorry to hear that she had “not been well” and that the “fine climate” would do her good. 

Wanting to add a little more, I saw from the 1905 valuation roll, that the address was occupied by the Scott family, which fits in well with “S”, on E.H.S.

Of the postcard of the previous old bridge at Milheugh, you can make out the smaller tunnel on the left which helped protect the bridge in times of spate. Looking at the apex of the arch, there couldn’t be much space left before the bridge deck at that point. Also of note is the large tree and just how much riverbank remained over 110 years ago.

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