Woman at Hastie’s Farm

Christina Rayburn messaged me this week saying, “I have found a photograph with details about Hastie’s Farm on the back. I wondered if you might know any information about this lady.”

On the back of this nice photo it says, “Hastie’s Farm, Kathleen Scullion, 6 Moffat Place, Thornhill, Blantyre”. There is a mark which looks like “08” on the back, but I don’t think this is 1908 for two reasons. One, the fashions in the picture and because also 1908 was long before Moffat Place was built.

However, if marked Hastie’s Farm, there is a good chance this was taken at Stonefield Farm, at a time when it belonged to the Hastie family, as a working farm. (Long before it ever became a restaurant!).

I can’t find a Kathleen Scullion in any census or valuation roll prior to 1940, though Scullion may be her married name. Does anybody recognise her? I believe this is quite an old photo, before 1940, but is of Kathleen who would later live at 6 Moffat Place, when the houses just off Farm Road were later built.

There is a Kathleen McClenaghan in Blantyre aged 42 in 1921. If taken around 1940, this photo I suppose could be her. I’m hoping readers will know more.

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