Young Lady in Garden

I’ve been holding off posting this particular picture for a while, as I just don’t have much information about it. However, I do know there is a Blantyre connection. I thought I’d put it up online, rather than it sitting in a file in the hope somebody recognises her. It’s such a lovely, clear photo for the time.

What I do know. The photo dates between 1900 – 1910 and is a nice, outdoor photo of a young woman in a garden. It was taken by Blantyre photographer David Ritchie, although she isn’t one of his daughters. She is unmarried with no wedding ring and could be a good friend of the family and like many other photos of people taken by David, this could be in High Blantyre? So we have a photo, up to 120 years old on unknown local woman who unusually has a hint of a smile in such an old picture.

The fashion of hair up, white, full sleeved, high collared white blouses was certainly an Edwardian Trend, so I would further narrow the date down to sometime around 1903 or after. Does anybody recognise her or perhaps resemble somebody you know?

Thanks to Alex Bowie for sharing.

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