Public Clocks, 1904

In August 1904 a local newspaper reported that public clocks in Blantyre were few and far between. In fact, people had to wholly rely upon the solitary clock face on Glasgow Road. This was a reference to the Livingstone Memorial U.F Church and its four dials which could be seen a long way off in either direction.

For a long time prior to 1904, the clock on Livingstone Memorial Church hadn’t been working. So, it was welcome news for all Blantyre citizens when they saw a huge scaffold erected in August 1904, reaching up from the ground to the lofty heights of the steeple clock, as word spread of repairs.

During the first week in August that year, painters got to work touching up the black dials and gold lettering. The workers were also putting the hour striking device back into working order and by middle of August, the clock was once again fully functional.

However, further along Glasgow Road, another clock was being suggested. That same month, whilst Livingstone Memorial Church clock was being fixed, the brand new Masonic Buildings on the south side of Glasgow Road were rising out the ground, the stonework by then at height. It had already been observed that on the top of the new Masonic Building was a flagstaff, which had carefully been put up by a large squad of joiners. Reporters told that it was a particularly difficult job and there was a question about whether the masonic building should have a clock below this flagstaff.

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