Motor Cavalcade, 1904

Now here’s a story which may make you smile and think about how much things have changed in the last Century.

On Saturday 13th August 1904, just over 118 years ago, a sensation was stirred up in Blantyre as several motorcars passed through Blantyre. For many people it was the first time they had ever seen a car! The report in the Hamilton Herald newspaper told of dozens of motor cars, all in single file passed through the Main Street of Blantyre at Stonefield, as onlookers marvelled at the “modern cavalcade”!

As horse traffic moved to the side of the roads and pedestrians lined the pavements, people stopped to stare at the “motorised contraptions”. However, there was much amusement too amongst the spectators and especially the delivery and salesmen as they sat patiently upon their carts and saddles, giving way to the motor cars, when they noticed that one had actually broken down and was being pulled by a chain attached to another car. There was much pointing and laughing, which perhaps was not the intention the car drivers had hoped for.

I can only imagine that these spectators were probably thinking that cars would be a fad, something for the wealthy and that horses and carts would be much more reliable!

Photo: 1904 vintage car for illustration only.

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