Lost Diamond Ring, 1904

In August 1904, Blantyre residents were out in force to help a Motherwell woman, Mrs Walker at a time of need. She had been visiting Blantyre that summer and to her horror, she discovered that her diamond ring had fallen from her hand.

A family heirloom, the Victorian cut gold ring had several large diamonds set within it and was said to be worth “a considerable sum”. The ring was lost at Larkfield, in Blantyre ‘across from the colliery’, which in modern times, could be the fields of Wheatlands, the Stonefield Road, Watson Street areas or around where the modern primary school is.

The ring had also been engraved with her initials, “A.W”. Despite a big search of the area she had been in, there was no follow up story and so it is still unknown if the ring was ever found.

To think this ring may still be in one of the nearby gardens, or under modern homes or buildings and the upset it would have caused for Mrs Walker.

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