Boys Charged with Pilfering, 1905

On Thursday 2nd March 1905, two small Blantyre boys stood in the dock at Hamilton Sheriff Court charged with pilfering in Blantyre.

David Murdoch and Charles Dickson from Stonefield were charged with stealing a ‘Daily Record’ newspaper and 2 copies of ‘Chips’ Periodical from a parcel at Blantyre Railway Station.

A Mr. Ritchie represented the boys and presented a guilty plea from Murdoch on stealing the Daily record, but not the Chips and asked for the charge to be completely removed from Dickson, who, said the solicitor had nothing to do with it.

The young lads were employed by a newsagents at Stonefield to go to the station each day and retrieve the newspapers and publications from the train, carrying them to the shop for the shopowner.

However, whilst this wasn’t panning out well for at least one of the boys, in the court that day was their employer, the shopowner, who instead of being aggrieved reminded the court he hadn’t brought the charge forward and actually gave evidence in defence of both boys, alluding to their kind nature and how this was all “out of character”. Indeed, he went on to say that he would be continuing to employ both boys.

The Justice had little choice than to admonish Murdoch and let both boys go freely.

Stonefield at Glasgow Road is pictured in that era.

1910 Glasgow Road looking east

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