Jerusalem Houses, 1972

More new photos for you. Previously unseen online, these photos from 1972 show a brand new housing estate in High Blantyre. Nicknamed the Jerusalem Houses, it’s easy to see why the flat roofs provided that term to local people.

These were brand new family homes and flats, expanding Blantyre significantly building upon former agricultural fields, hedgerows, railway sidings and tracks used previously by miners.

The photos shared here by Claire Murray show the whole estate from its boundary at Main Street to Douglas Street and over to Waverley Terrace. The vantage point, high up above Hillhouse Road taken from the remnants of the former Dixons Colliery Bing. The building of so many homes, prompted the need in following years for further amenities, upgrading playparks and even the building of a new primary school.

Who moved into these homes at the time they were built?

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