High Blantyre School Fire, 1967

Continuing a look this month at previously unseen old Blantyre photos online. On 17th November 1967, the High Blantyre Primary School at Hunthill Road went on fire. This photo was kindly shared by George Hay. It is unknown if it was started deliberately or accidentally. This school was also later known in the 1970’s as “The Annexe”, to the new High Blantyre Primary School.

We have a first hand account from local man William Shaw who once told me, “I remember that day well, like most of the kids I was in the main hall eating school dinner when the head teacher came in and told us to leave our dinners and get out as the school was on fire! It was pretty serious at one point with flames leaping through the roof but thanks to the swift action of the Fire Service the damage was limited.”

After a brief time closed, the renovated school re-opened. However another major fire just after the mid 1970’s forced the school to close for good. Like so many other public buildings around those years, fire had spread through it suddenly. Opening in 1875, the school had lasted just over 100 years.

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