Hunthill Road, High Blantyre

Though the quality of this photo isn’t great, the content is really interesting if only as this High Blantyre scene has changed so much since it was taken.

This is Hunthill Road running left to right. The date is unknown but there’s what appears to be a motorbike in the bottom corner and from the traffic poles, i’d date this photo between the 1930s and late 1960s. It was shared by George Hay whose family lived in former tenement houses just out the picture to the right. So, now you may be wondering where this is. Let’s put that in some context.

The lane you see in the foregound is the former entrance to Old Mains Place, a house which still sits in Janefield Place. The entrance once ran alongside the raised railway embankment at a time when the railways cut through the middle of Blantyre. The railway bridge crossing Hunthill Road, one of two at this location is just out the photo to the left. The entrance and junction to Stonefield Crescent, also just out the photo on the left.

Today this exact scene looks like this, proving that its not just Low Blantyre which has dramatically changed in only a few short decades.

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