Bobby Brown, 1953

Although he had not yet reached his 13th birthday Bobby Brown, whose father was John S.G Brown, manager of Blantyre Picture House had by 1953 already made a name for himself.

Young Bobby had already by then taken to the stage in many parts of the County, the West of Scotland and even Northern Ireland. He made his first of over 100 appearances on stage at the tender young age of only three. He tasked himself with learning all the tricks of the comedian’s trade.

By the early 1950’s his success meant he was often in great demand especially for charity shows and was popular as hospital entertainment. His mother had professional name Daisy Day, then a well known variety show singer who also produced pantomimes, which her son starred in.

Whilst staying at his mother’s family home in Northern Ireland, in 1952 Bobby spent a busman’s holiday, working and appearing in a concert show which lasted several weeks. He later received an attractive offer from one of Irelands leading variety companies, but all thoughts of a full time career in this field, had to wait until he completed his education.

What became of local lad Bobby Brown? Does anybody know? If alive today, he would be in his 80s.

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