Valerios of Blantyre

In High Blantyre Cemetery there are a couple of very prominent gravestones which feature angels. Pictured, these are the resting places of the Italian Valerio family who came to Blantyre at the turn of the 20th Century.

The name will be well known , perhaps because of the association with Mickey’s Cafe or people who will remember Tommy, Nancy or Velma.

However, this was a fairly large family with other family members also in the retail business. The Italian grandeur of the gravestones is immediately apparent and they tell of other Valerio men who passed away in Blantyre or nearby Cambuslang. Isidoro, Giovanni and Peter Valerio and of course their loved ones.

Death certs for Giovanni Valerio and Maria are attached courtesy of Alex Rochead. Also birth and death cert for daughter Edilrtta. According to my notes, Giovanni ran a restaurant on the north side at 115 Glasgow Road, Blantyre during WW1 years. It looks like the family once lived at the corner of Glasgow road and Clark Street before moving to Cambuslang.

I’m aware the Valerio family and descendants follow this page and suspect the other Valerio men owned ice cream parlours or restaurants. So if you’re reading this and know more about Isidoro, Giovanni or Peter, please do let me know.

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