Police Bird, High Blantyre

From around March until June, we had a rather unusual bird in our garden. Well, it was making an unusual call. It wasn’t just our imaginations, for people were also commenting on it on the other side of the boundary in Kirkton Park.

The bird in question seems to adopt a lofty position in a large tree in our garden at Croftfoot and we nicknamed it, the Police bird. Why? Well it perfectly mimicked a police siren! As the summer continued, we then noticed it started to copy an ambulance too and on closer inspection, it looked like a blackbird.

Our Police bird had in fact been listening to various sirens in Blantyre and managed to perfectly copy various emergency services alarms and tones! Only in Blantyre!! lol.

The call was frequent enough to let me record it. This is the Police Bird doing “the ambulance call”!

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  1. Sounds like an escaped Mynah bird, native to SE Asia.
    Great pets but “messy”.
    Someone I knew in the 1960s/70s had one. Impersonated smokers cough and doing the guy next doors car starting was hilarious (low battery). These birds are expensive, if it is a Mynah, someone has lost a pet.

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