Beautiful Grounds, 2022

When you think of the beautiful grounds at David Livingstone Birthplace, just off Station Road, Blantyre its hard not to notice the considerable improvements which have been made this summer.

From the nicely renovated working fountain and renovated lion statue, to the stunning new planting around the statue and buildings, its easy to miss all the little touches which collectively add up to a place which has been through an incredible transformation in recent months.

This month, and following feedback from visitors, the grounds are looking particularly amazing with the addition of many brand new picnic tables and benches! Just look at our photo if you’ve not been there for a while! The transformation of the grounds into a family friendly place to relax and for recreation has been hugely welcomed by the community. 

With the Livingstone’s Cafe becoming much more well known and as popular as ever, the grounds are as popular a destination as the museum itself!

Focusing however, on the improvements, all the other outdoor touches are worth mentioning too! The addition of CCTV, the new wooden benches carefully placed over the park, the new paths, bike racks, bins, planters, hanging baskets, a new ice cream kiosk and large pagoda which also doubles as a rain shelter, all adds to the beauty of the surroundings. 

Our community NEEDS this vital space. Blantyre should be immensely proud of what’s been accomplished so far. Now all we need is the sunshine……

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  1. Linda Mackie-Marieskind

    Thanks so much for sharing these pics Paul, so glad to see the renovations of a beloved place when we were children. I’ll be visiting when I’m home next for sure..

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