James Brown Junior, 1905

Apologies for the rather dark photograph in this article but it was the only one I could find of local man, Mr James Brown Junior.

James was the President of Blantyre Bowling Club, (certainly in season 1905/06) and was until then the youngest ever President, enjoying a similar popularity and respect of any of his older predecessors. He was the eldest son of James Brown Senior, registrar of Blantyre, whose name often appeared on official records for the Parish. Like his father, young Brown inherited a great love of Bowling, winning the Scottish Bowling Championship in 1903.

Born in 1881, James Brown Junior was only 24 years old in this photo, taken at the time of his Presidency. By that time, his daytime profession was a teacher and it is known he taught at Glenlee Public School in nearby Burnbank.

With such a common name, there are many leads which may or may not be associated with him. Therefore, I would be interested in knowing what became of James later in life.

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